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Movable Partition Frequently Asked Questıons

We have created a movable partition FAQ section to answer any questions you have about movable and folding partition systems and to help you make the right choice.

Movable partition systems ensure efficient use of space is maximized, moving in a rail suspended from the ceiling with the aid of rollers, the lower and upper workspaces are closed by a manual jacking mechanism or an electronic motor.

The panels are suspended from the ceiling by rollers moving along rails suspended from the steel structure suspended from the ceiling. When you want to close the system, starting from the first panel, all panels are sequentially removed from the parking area and moved into place. By operating the guillotine mechanisms in the movable partition panels, the panels are compressed between the ceiling and the floor. The process is repeated for each panel. The special mechanism on the last panel is designed to close both vertical and horizontal gaps. With its placement, the movable partition wall system creates a gapless wall.

We can use movable partitions in almost all types of buildings. We can integrate movable partitions in existing buildings, restored buildings, or newly built spaces.

Movable partitions provide significant functional and cost advantages in commercial units.

For example, a well-designed movable partition system in the ballroom of a hotel also allows you to use the hall for multiple purposes.

Our movable or foldable systems used in meeting rooms allow you to obtain large spaces when desired, while allowing you to create smaller rooms when necessary, providing you with both functional and economic advantages.

Movable walls systems costs are determined by the components used in the system. Although the total cost of a movable or stackable partition system will vary depending on the preferred system, the width and height of the system, the number of doors that project into the system, and the coating material applied on the surface of the system, the price of a 1 m2 movable partition system ranges from 255 Euro to 500 Euro.

Although the degree of sound insulation varies depending on the thickness of the movable partition system and the characteristics of the acoustic elements placed in its components, it ranges from 35 to 60 Db.

The feeling of the insulation level in the used space depends on the acoustic performance of the other elements of the space.

You can use it in almost all structures where Flexible space utilization is required. It can be used in existing buildings or new projects.

Using movable partition walls, which enable flexible use instead of more fixed walls in a space, does not affect the structure of the buildings negatively, but also contributes positively to the lightness that it will bring to the building.

The movable walls move with the help of rollers on rails suspended from the ceiling, and there are no rails or tracks on the floor. When you move the system to the parking space, you cannot see anything on the ground. Therefore, it has no effect on the ground. The people using the venue can switch between the two venues without being stuck by anything.

The most important difference between the movable partition wall and the folding partition wall is that the movable walls move as independent modules with a single or double roller in the hidden rail at the ceiling level, while the folding walls are opened and closed as a whole, connected by durable steel hinges and with a single roller.

Movable partition walls move separately, folding walls move together.

As Turkowall, we are a Turkish manufacturer that produces our own systems and develops new products from scratch almost every year, producing the widest range of products in the field of movable partitions.

We are a team that focuses on the production of fully movable and folding walls with our experienced colleagues and advanced machinery in a wide production area, as a result of which we have developed 7 different systems for now and continue to innovate.

Since we produce continuously moving walls, we reduce the average cost and earn this difference for our customers.

Our customers are satisfied with our affordable prices, fast production and transportation capabilities, and high-quality products, and place new orders with us.

To summarize briefly, affordable prices, fast production system, high production capacity, quality assured products.

We currently limit the height of the movable partitions to 12 meters. Our folding wall systems and our glass systems are 5 meters.

Due to static calculations and successful wear tests, connection details, and load-bearing components, none of our panels are in danger of falling.

Our rails, rollers, and suspension apparatus are tested under load and weight conditions more than 3 times the actual load they carry and are tested by applying sudden shock, weight, and impact forces.

We guarantee that there will be no danger of falling off in our panels if there is no rupture in the ceilings carrying our systems.

As Turkowall, we provide comprehensive services to our clients. This service includes static consulting services and the creation and calculation of projects related to the manufacture and assembly of the carrier system structure, which is the responsibility of our clients.

Before assembly, an expert from Turkowall inspects the structural system and if the is suitable, the movable wall system is mounted.

If the system is not suitable for the project, our teams refuse to assemble. (Until it is suitable)

Metal assembly experts can easily install systems up to 6 meters in height. We transport our products in a way that is easy to assemble, with installation drawings attached. We transport correctly connected and welded aluminum tracks in parking lots and turning points numbered and marked on the project.

In this way, our clients abroad can assemble with local technicians.

If necessary, we can send expert teams to prepare and assemble. We provide installation services for complex mobile wall systems over 6 meters.

Systems up to 5 meters high can be used by almost everyone after initial preliminary training.

We recommend that our systems are always used by the same people in high panels that serve professional purposes, or where the number of panels is high.

Our team provides training in usage and simple maintenance after completing the installation service.

While the m2 weight of our wall systems starts from 35 kg on average, it goes up to 60 kg depending on the sound insulation level requested.

Thanks to the roller and rail systems we have developed, you do not feel this weight when opening and closing the panels. Even children can use most of our systems.

For more detailed information, you can review our product comparison table.

We have designed in detail 14 different parking options for our movable wall systems. More than half of these options allow for use outside the space.

We recommend that you check our website for parking options. If you need a solution other than our choice, don't worry.

Thanks to our 4-way moving rollers and our guide rail system, the panel can be moved to the position you want.

Please note, the optimal solution is; to create a parking area at the closest point to the main rail axis.

Although movable partition walls are mostly preferred for indoor use, it is possible to manufacture special movable walls resistant to outdoor weather conditions to open and close as exterior walls.

Usually, we use the 25mm size at the bottom and top as the working space and make our projects accordingly. However, in some extreme cases, uncorrectable ground disturbance can be tolerated. Our guillotine system provides a maximum opening and closing movement of 45 mm in the lower and upper parts of the panel.

We can also install our systems instead of curved walls, provided that they do not have very high angle degrees.

Yes, we can design and manufacture our systems for use at different ground levels.

For example, you can easily use our system in places with stepped seating arrangements such as theaters, cinemas, and large lecture halls.

The movable wall system is preferably used in the most efficient way in rectangular-shaped spaces, but it is also possible to make special movable partition systems specific to special situations.

With the suspended ceiling, we can produce a movable partition wall for sloping ceilings by creating a working slot in the suspended ceiling, provided it is of sufficient height within the actual ceiling slab.

The ideal working area for movable or folding walls is the spaces between the walls with 90 degree angles, but our movable wall systems have been developed to absorb low degree of wall slopes. For example, the telescopic module that expands from the last panel and closes the wall moves drunkenly and closes the walls with uneven slope degrees. Again, the inclination of the paspilata, which we use as the starting system, tolerates the walls that are broken in small degrees.

However, if the walls are very bad, it is imperative that you either correct the line of the wall corresponding to the movable partition system or make a fixed wooden panel there.

There are a variety of surface cladding options that you can choose from according to the concept of movable wall space.

You can choose from MDF panels, veneer panels, lacquered and varnished panels, special acoustic-coated panels, types of glass, mirrors, and fabric-covered panels. Or you can combine many different surface cladding materials.

For more detailed information, visit the Surface Options section of our website.

27-CNC teknolojisini kullanmak ve aynı duvar panelinde birden fazla malzemeyi birleştirmek mümkün müdür?

Evet mümkündür. Bu konuda yeteneğimize ve ustalığımıza güveniyoruz.

Yes, it is possible. We are confident in our ability and mastery in this matter..

Yes, it is possible. Our panel systems are also widely used in museums and exhibition halls. Paintings are exhibited with special apparatus hung on the panel surface.

Although the external components of our system are the same, this is impossible.

Because manual systems are systems that work with mechanical machine logic, the basic structure of such systems in the panel is ready. A suitable hole is drilled on the side of the panel for operating the crank handle.

There are not many mechanical systems in the electrical system. Instead, there are motors, cards with special software circuits, and switches that provide power transmission.

Therefore, switching between systems is neither easy nor logical.

As with all of our systems, we do everything possible to minimize all risks on electric models.

Therefore, our electrical products use 12 volts or 24 volts. Before supplying the city line to the system, we reduce the risk of electric shock by using an adapter to reduce it to 12 or 24 volts.

It is possible provided that our mobile systems are also electric. Our systems that can meet this requirement are Pansmart and Panfold Auto.

It is possible provided that our mobile systems are also electric. Our systems that can respond to this request are currently Pansmart, Panglass Auto and Panfold Auto.

Yes, because due to our special circuit board, the power-consuming motors in the system will cut off the energy after the maximum closing or opening movement. During this period, energy continues to be transferred to adjacent panels.

This innovation provides maximum efficiency.

Although we have a separate system consisting of all glass (Panglass Auto), we can integrate glazed modules and blinds into our standard panels, interior doors, telescopic panels, and glazed modules.

The wear of the moving wall depends on the frequency of use caused by mechanical or movable working parts. Therefore, we recommend that the movable partition system undergo preventive maintenance at least once a year. Such maintenance will affect the smooth and safe operation of the system.

At Turkowall, we offer a 15-year warranty for customers who perform maintenance every year.

We use durable, washable, and reusable materials in all movable wall systems. This is part of our commitment to minimizing environmental impact.

Processes such as cleaning, painting, and applying new surface coating to the outer surface of our panels will not damage the system.

Acoustic comfort comes first among the issues we prioritize in all the systems we develop, and we create every detail accordingly.

There are at least 18 mm particleboard/medium density fiberboard panels on the two surfaces of the system, at least 3 mm noise barriers adhere to the inner surfaces of the two panels, and rock wool with a density of m3/60 kg is compressed to the panels Provide at least 45 DB of sound in the gaps.

However, since sound insulation and comfort are related to the sound insulation and absorption coefficient of other elements in the space, rather than the movable wall we produce, it is necessary to prepare accordingly in places with high requirements for sound insulation.

If you use one of the Turkowall systems and perform preventive maintenance every year, you do not need spare parts because you will be covered by a 15-year warranty.

If you are using another manufacturer's system and cannot get support from the company for any reason, we also provide support to you.

Please note that system components and parts are different for each manufacturer.

Regardless of the size of your project, the Turkowall team will prepare technical drawings (plans, views, and vertical sections), price offers, system technical specifications, and photos of reference projects.

Your additional questions and detailed requests are answered quickly.

As a leading manufacturer and developer of movable partition wall systems, we support the unrestricted sharing of all kinds of technical information.

We share all the technical details of the movable partition and folding wall systems on our website as both pdf and cad files.

Apart from these, if you have a special request, we are ready to assist you.

Yes, we offer special discounts for architects and designers who recommend our systems or want to use them in their projects.
Please contact us for details.

We evaluate dealership and representation requests outside of Turkey. Please contact us for details.

First, we confirm that we agree with all the details. As a second step, after both parties agree to the contract, including technical drawings, surface coating options, delivery time and method, and payment method, we begin the order process.

We need to divide our delivery methods into two types, national and international.

As a requirement of the end-to-end service system that we provide in Turkey from the beginning to the present, our work includes transportation.

For your overseas orders, our service is generally in the form of loading our specially packaged products for abroad into the buyer's vehicle. EXW (EX WORKS)/(workplace Delivery)

Currencies we accept; TL, EURO, USD, and GBP.

We only accept cash and bank transfers.

We currently do not accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

We usually work with a 50% cash deposit with order confirmation and contract, and a cash payment system before loading the rest from the factory.

These rates may vary depending on the size and condition of the project.

We promise 20 working days as the maximum delivery time. We usually make deliveries before this time.

As a company focused only on the production of movable partition walls, we can reach the fastest delivery time with the help of our high production capacity.

Of course, this only applies to special circumstances.

We use almost all transportation systems. Land, sea, and air transport.

The one we choose will vary by country, project size, and schedule.

Depending on the project, we have a software that calculates size, quantity, and weight online.

With this information, we get quick quotes from 3 different shipping companies and send you the appropriate offer.

If you have questions about mobile wall systems that are different from the current ones, or if you want to know more about movable partition walls, please fill out the form and contact us. We will notify you as soon as possible.

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