"> Rails and Rollers Used in Movable Partition Wall Systems

Rails and Rollers Used in Movable Partition Wall Systems

The production of durable and user-friendly systems is possible with quality and precise detailing of each component of the product.

In the movable and foldable partition system, the heavy-weight rails are designed to be integrated into the suspended ceiling project. In the event that it is not possible to directly mount the system rail, a supporting structure must first be created and mounted on this part.

System components such as rails and rollers are made of high-strength aluminum. Since the guide rail is fixed on the ceiling, no guide rail is required on the floor. The wall modules are moved on the rail by rollers. The rail and roller system used is selected based on the weight/height of the panel and the parking area. A single roller can be used in systems with panel heights up to 500cm. For higher systems, double rollers are recommended. In addition, several rails can be arranged in the same location, rail axes can intersect, so the area can be easily divided for different uses.

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