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Movable Partition Wall Sound Insulatıon

All the details; were developed to achieve quieter, more comfortable, and flexible spaces.

The sound produced by the vibration of an object is a kind of energy, which propagates in the form of waves. As with all types of energy, sound also needs a carrier medium to reach from one place to another.

The density of the material in the environment where the sound source is located determines the propagation/transmission rate of sound energy.

Sound insulation; is a measure taken to protect the intended location from harmful noise frequencies (unwanted noise).

Movable wall systems give you the freedom to use a space as at least two spaces whenever you desire. Therefore, movable walls should provide sound and heat insulation at least as much as fixed walls do.

As Turkowall, with the special joint details we developed, the special acoustic components we use inside the panel, the guillotine system that completely closes the upper and lower working spaces, and the rubber corner joints wedge, we provide more than just a wall.

We encourage you to view the photos we have prepared to take a closer look at how we soundproof our movable and folding walls.

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