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Movable wall Terminology dictionary

Since both the movable partition wall and the sliding folding partition wall systems are a sector that can be considered rare, we realized that both the details and the terms are not understood by many people.

That's why we have created a glossary of movable partition wall terms and concepts.

Roller : Mechanical tool specially manufactured to carry heavy loads that enables the panels to be transported
Rail : A specially manufactured aluminum track on which the panels are transported by rollers.
Acoustic comfort barrier : The part that comes out of the panel and closes the gap between the panels and the ceiling, the guillotine.
Acoustic Joint Wedge : The rubber piece that fills the gaps in the joints on both surfaces of the top and bottom of the panels
Acoustic barrier : Wooden coating on both surfaces, internally applied sound insulation felt
Guillotine mechanism : A specially developed mechanism that allows the upper and lower acoustic comfort barriers to move up and down
Mechanism enclosure box : A plastic protection system that protects the guillotine mechanism and the powertrain and ensures a longer life.
Crank arm : Special device that provides the movement of the mechanism
Parking room / parking box : A specially designed room or box made of wood that allows the movable partitions to be stored when not in use. (can be inside or outside the space)
Paspilata : The part used to fix the first panel, which is produced as much as the size between the rail fixed to the wall and the floor, the initial module
Telescopic module : The part integrated into the last of the panels forming the movable partition wall, expanding towards the integrated wall, making the system a gapless wall
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