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Our company, which produces the Turkowall mobile partition system, is in the leading position in the industry in terms of production, installation, user training, and post-installation support services. With our experienced team, certified installers, high-quality products, and post-delivery services, we provide customers with the perfect service. We contribute to the realization of original and unique designs by collaborating with designers and architects during the project. At the same time, we continue to develop our products through research and development.

We believe that knowledge multiplies as it is shared. For this reason, we share with you all technical documents created by our team containing information about our systems digitally. Together we produce project specifics where special solutions are required. We plan the entire process together, taking into account the space and user needs, acoustic requirements, understanding of the design, and budget constraints.

The variety of products we offer, the innovative solutions we develop for original designs, our understanding of quality followed at each stage of the project, and production that respects people and the environment are our most important values. Turkowall is one of the leading companies in the industry, with seven different partition systems. Quality control is carried out at every stage from material selection to the delivery of the product, and a high-level production process is carried out in our production facilities in Domaniç, with the opportunities provided by technology. At our facilities, we have created a comfortable workplace that can meet the needs of teammates, through adopting various safety measures. As a local company that provides added value to the country's economy, it was aimed to employ the people of the region in our company, and they became our colleagues. In addition, we support the personal and professional development of our teammates and enable them to increase their knowledge through various training sessions.

Since its establishment, the company has determined to become a trusted and preferred brand in the construction industry, and continuously improve its knowledge and production capacity. At the same time, it is becoming one of the expert brands in this field. The projects of different scales that we have realized in Turkey and various regions of the world, as well as the positive reviews we have received from our customers, are an indication of the trust placed in our company. Our company prides itself as a fully national manufacturer of movable partition systems.

Ramazan DİRGİN

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