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Where is a movable partition wall used

Where is a movable partition wall used ?

Turkowall movable wall systems can be used in almost any building in the public and private sectors.

The movable partition wall system can be used almost anywhere that needs to be used for different functions to achieve high efficiency and different purposes. The movable wall system provides an ideal solution for your new projects and existing buildings where innovative change is aimed.

You can easily use our systems with superior acoustic performance, especially in spaces where sound insulation is required. If you intend on using the existing space more flexibly, Turkowall products should be your first choice. Thanks to the practical use of the movable wall system, it allows you to easily organize the space.

You can use our movable wall systems with superior insulation features to separate and combine a gym where you will be holding various sports competitions, or to separate the living area and kitchen of a house when necessary.

However, if it is necessary to classify the scope of use of movable partitions in general ;

• Exhibition, conference, ball, wedding halls

• Educational institutions

• Hotels and restaurants

• Hospitals and clinics

• Places of worship

• Industrial facilities

• Residences

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